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Superior Labs Super Bulk 150 Capsules




Introducing Massive Mass SUPER BULK that supports increased muscle mass, strength increase and promotes alpha male power.
Super bulk helps to provide wet muscle gains with enhancements in strength and libido making it ideal for those who want to bulk up fast and are not too concerned with sacrificing some muscle definition along the way.
Super Bulk is a blend of 3b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one, 1 androsterone, 4 androsterone.

Key ingredients of SUPER BULK are-
3 b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one-
DHEA is taken as a supplement for a variety of unsubstantiated indications. The following indications have shown promise and are backed up by some scientific evidence: schizophrenia (DHEA may be more effective in women than men); improving the appearance of older people’s skin (taking DHEA by mouth seems to increase skin thickness and moisture, and decrease facial “age spots” in elderly men and women); improving ability to achieve an erection in men with sexual dysfunction. Additionally, DHEA has shown promise in improving symptoms of lupus (SLE). Taking DHEA by mouth along with convention

1 ANDROSTERONE- 1 Andro is one of the strongest legal prohormones around. It’s known for it’s ability to increase lean muscle mass, strength and performance whilst having minimal side effects.

4 ANDROSTERONE- After 4-androsterone is taken, the body is thought to change it into other chemicals called hormones. Some of these hormones include testosterone. Testosterone can help build muscle.