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NCRFS is not a marketplace wherein any seller can list themselves and sell any product they want,

We source all our inventory for major international brands directly from manufacturers or the authorized distributors, and it is the sole reason why we dare to sell authentic products at affordable prices.

Our marketing team constantly monitors customer’s changing demands and keeps adding different products. To save you from the menace of fake products we are using the latest product tracking system where you can authenticate every product you receive by NCRFS.

Computerized inventory & order monitoring system

  • Scrutinized product quality checks
  • The streamlined and robust packaging process
  • Post-purchase product authentication
  • Prompt Customer Response Cell for grievance redressal


If you’re always curious whether or not your supplements is genuine when you buy it, we’ve all been in the same place, you’re not alone. We will share information below on how to identify a legitimate seller and product and make the right choice at all times.


Important point

Outer Seal and Packaging of the box

Imported product needs an Official Importer Sticker.

Expiry date and batch number (see manufacturer for verification)

Tax Paid Sales Invoice from the seller.

 Brand / Certificate of authorisation for importers.