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Myogenetix Whey Protein Concentrate 76 Servings (5 lbs) MOQ 3P


Retail Price: 4100/- (Single Pics)



THE PROBLEM: Protein powders that are made from poor quality milk coming from factory farmed cows infested with exogenous hormones, antibiotics & GMOs, taste horrible and are frequently spiked with cheap amino acids to bump up the protein content.

No doubt that most of these protein powders are cheap, but who wants to gag something down day after day that’s neither convenient nor beneficial?

THE SOLUTION: MYOGENETIX® protein powders. Taking years to properly formulate, MYOGENETIX® solves all of the problems currently afflicting those other low-grade protein powders. Most importantly, we completely stayed away from cheap, inferior protein sources & amino acids used for pig feed, such as denatured sodium, calcium caseinate & lysine.




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