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`MuscleTech Performance Series Mass Tech Extreme 2000 7 lbs (3.18 Kg) - Imported MOQ 4P


Retail Price: 3950/- (Single Pics)


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  • THE ULTIMATE 100% WHEY PROTEIN+ MASS GAINER : With a unique formula with 80g protein over 400g of carbs and 2000 mass-producing calories, plus 8.2g of L-leucine 10g of creatine, and 20 vitamins and minerals, makes Mass Tech Extreme 2000 perfect for your extreme gain goals.
  • Added Power of Creatine Monohydrate: Extreme 2000 contains 10g dose of creatine to help you increase strength and regenerate ATP stores that are reduced during resistance training.
  • More Muscle Mass: With each serving you get 17.8g of BCAAs including 8.2g of muscle building L-leucine. L-leucine helps in amplified protein synthesis which gives you gains and shape like no other.
  • Ultra-pure Proteins: Mass Tech contains proteins that go through a multi-phase filtration process to give you pure protein isolate for maximum gains without the fat, lactose, sugars and minerals.

Designed for active men and women who struggle to build size and are looking to increase their dietary protein, carbohydrate and overall calorie intake. Its also perfect for bodybuilders and other athletes who are looking for the best supplement to break through their muscle and strength training plateaus without adding extra fat to their physique.