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Kevin Levrone Levro Amino 10000 – 300 Tablets



Kevin Levrone Levro Amino 10000 – 300 Tablets are a preparation allowing you to enrich your daily diet with a complex of the most important amino acids, which come from as many as 5 different forms of complete protein. The supplement is dedicated to physically active people, especially those working to improve their fitness and body shape. The product is an ideal supplement for protein, gainers, creatine, BCAA and EAA supplements, or L-glutamine. The convenient form of tablets ensures fast and hassle-free supplementation, and the optimally selected proportions provide a solid support for your diet.


A solid 10g of a complex of up to 5 forms of complete proteins – hydrolyzed beef peptides, WPC whey, hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate Optipep®, whey protein isolate Isolac®, hydrolysed casein PeptoPro
Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and supports healthy bones
BCAA and EAA amino acids are involved in protein synthesis processes and may have an impact on regeneration


Kevin Levrone


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