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Insane Labz Caffeine 120 Capsules MOQ 4P


Retail Price: 1150/- (Single Pics)



Insane Labz Caffeine 120 Capsules

Caffeine is by far the most popular energy supplement on the planet, but not everyone is a fan of coffee, tea or energy drinks, that’s where Insane Labz

Caffeine comes in. Get your caffeine in a convenient capsule formula. Great as an alternative to morning coffee, great to stack with your non-stimulant pump preworkout, or great to take on it’s own when you need a boost of energy. Each capsule contains 100mg


Insane Labz Caffeine Highlights & Benefits

May Improve Memory & Cognitive Function

Increased Energy & Decreased Fatigue

May Improve Short Term Memory & Speed Up Reaction Times

Stacks With Non-Stimulant Preworkouts or Fat Burners


Insane Labz


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