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Enhanced LGD-4033 Ligandrol 60 Capsules


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manohar d r
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Aashif Majothi
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Robin Saini
ncrfs k harr product geniun h m kaffi tym se sman le rha hun enhse and enhke products se mene kaffi change kiya h apni body me plz kisi ko b geniun product ya fir kisi b bodybuilding competition ki tyari krni h toh plz conatct ncrfs 😘😘😘


Enhanced Athlete – Ligandrol (LGD-4033) is a powerful muscle-building compound. This SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) is a powerful compound for increasing muscle mass, size and strength to reach unprecedented levels in your training. When supported with the proper diet, Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol users will gain significant muscle and explosive strength.

LGD-4033 – 5 mg x 60 capsules
Very powerful SARM aimed at dry muscle growth
Improves stamina
Improved vascularity and pump
Increased muscle mass
Rapid increase in strength
Improves recovery allowing for greater training frequency
Ideal for bumps, cuts or tones
Prevents muscle catabolism, even with a calorie deficiency
Minimal side effects and mild suppression
Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol
Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol targets anabolic pathways in the body and in human clinical studies has been shown to increase muscle mass. Apart from this study, there is much anecdotal evidence of bodybuilders using LGD-4033 to increase muscle mass and density and significantly improve training performance.
If you want to build muscle mass and experience more strength, Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol is a complement not to look past. The main active ingredient LGD-4033 is very similar to the popular SARM Ostarine, but 12 times more powerful and only one third of the dose.
Like anabolic steroids, there are certain compounds that work better for different body goals. Ligandrol is best used when you go for a β€œLean Bulk” along with a high calorie diet.
SARMs offer a middle ground between natural muscle builders and prohormones. We recommend that anyone taking SARMs performs thorough postcycle therapy, just as with a prohormone cycle.
Ligandrol is best used when you want to build quality muscles and improve your strength in the gym. It is ideal for during a bulk cycle and should be supported with the right diet.
Designed for healthy male athletes, we recommend that only experienced athletes use Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol and only men over 21 years of age who feel they need something stronger than a natural anabolic substance.
Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol is suppressive for the HPTA, so a FULL post-cycle therapy is recommended.

LGD has a half-life of 24 to 36 hours, therefore one daily dose is optimal. Take 5-10mg per day for 8 weeks followed by a PCT

LGD4033 can be used alone, but can also be combined with other SARMs or different types of compounds. Common SARMs stacks include Ligandrol with Cardarin, Testolone (for strength and muscle growth) or Ostarine (for fat loss or body reconstruction).


Enhanced Athlete


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