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Enhanced Growth Hormone MK-677 60 Capsules



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Research Chemical, Banned by WADA, Pending FDA Approval

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Enhanced Athlete Growth Hormone MK-677 – is also known as MK-47 Nutrobal or Ibutamoren. This compound is a secretagogue (Natural Hunger Hormone) of growth hormone that increases your natural production of growth hormone as well as IGF-1 levels in the body. With MK-677 you can expect muscle mass gain, improved fat loss, muscle fullness, fast recovery and increased strength. MK-677 is safe for both men and women and works synergistically with SARMs and prohormones.

MK-677 – 10 mg x 60 capsules
Increases natural growth hormone levels
Boost IGF-1 level
Increases strength and muscle mass
Promotes the healing of bones, tendons and ligaments
Accelerates the speed of recovery
Promotes fat loss
Improves sleep quality and REM sleep
Healthy skin tone
Highly effective anti-aging properties
Improves appetite at higher doses
Ideal for long-term use
Safe for both men and women
No PCT needed

Enhanced Athlete – Growth Hormone (MK-677)
MK-677 is a secretagogue of growth hormone; a substance that causes more growth hormone and IGF-1 to be excreted in your body. It does this by imitating ghrelin, binding to ghrelin receptors in the brain and stimulating your natural production of GH and IGF-1. The use of Ibutamores increases the body’s own levels of these anabolic hormones without disturbing other hormones such as testosterone or cortisol. This means that it is safe for long-term use and does not require any form of PCT.

A 1998 human study shows impressive results in a group of men who received Ibutamoren MK-677 – they showed increased lean mass, GH-secretion and even energy consumption in just two months. The same study found that serum IGF-I increased by about 40% when treated with Ibutamore’s MK-677.

Enhanced Athlete MK-677 is also useful to restore the skin’s youthful appearance. While the world of online health and fitness offers a wide range of GH supplements, nothing ever comes close to the amazingly powerful anti-aging effects of MK-677.

Ibutamores is known for its positive effects on the quality of hair, skin and nails. Not only does it increase fat oxidation, but you will also notice that it tightens loose skin and improves skin quality. This is also one of the reasons why it is often used to combat ageing, as mentioned above. In fact, many women use MK-677 to fight wrinkles and cellulite!


When to use Enhanced Athlete MK-677

Enhanced Athlete Ibutamoren is usually taken with 25 mg per day, but also works well at lower doses. Even 5-10 mg is sufficient to produce numerous GH pulses in the course of a day.

Some users have reported more pronounced effects at higher doses of around 30 mg, but there is significant anecdotal evidence suggesting that a higher dose is associated with more side effects such as lethargy and increased appetite.


Enhanced Athlete MK-677 usage

Whether you take MK-677 in the morning or before bed depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer before bed to avoid some of the side effects such as lethargy, but may disrupt sleep if the user feels hungry.

Some people find that if taken first thing in the morning, sleep quality will improve, but they may experience more lethargy during the day. These side effects are dose-dependent. Ultimately, you can experiment and discover what works best for you.

The half-life of Enhanced Athlete MK677 is 24 hours, so the dosage can be taken once a day.

Take 1-3 capsules per day 8-12 weeks

Enhanced Athlete MK-677 combination

Enhanced Athlete MK-677 is best combined with S-23, LGD-4033 or RAD-140 for insane bulk results.

For fat loss, Enhanced Athlete MK-677 can be stacked with S-4 and Cardarine.

For lean, dry mass gain or body reform, it can be combined with Ostarine.

For maximum power and performance, take Enhanced Athlete MK-677 with RAD-140 and Cardarine.

MK-677 can be part of both cutting and bulk cycles to take performance to a whole new level.


Side effects

The side effects of Enhanced Athlete MK-677 are minimal. It is non-suppressive, non-oestrogenic and non-androgenic. Some report an increased appetite at higher doses and most will experience slight water retention. Both side effects usually disappear after 2-3 weeks and can be reduced by gradually building up the dosage.


Enhanced Athlete


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