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BPI Sports Liquid L-Carnitine 450 ml, 30 Servings


Retail Price: 1650/- (Single Pics)


L-Carnitine Helps To Transport Fat, Particularly Long Chain Fatty Acids, Into The Mitochonbdira Of Cells. Once They Can Be Oxidized Used As Fuel To Generate Adenosine Triphosphate Or Atp. L- Carnitine Does This Cellular Work Both When You Exercise & Rest It Is Especially Effective During Intense Exercise.
Purified Water, L-Carnitine, Acidity Regulator(Ins300), Sweetener ( Ins955), Synthetic Color ( Ins102), Natural And Nature Identical Flavour
Take 15ml On an Empty Stomach Or As Directed By Dietitian. Do Not Mix With Anything


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